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Increase crew safety, line speed and profits with Patterson's line of electric winches.

Still using manual winches or ratchets? You're leaving money on the table and taking unnecessary safety risks.

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The Perfect Combination of Speed and Safety

When ratchets or manual winches can no longer get the job done it's time to graduate to electric winches. Electric winches are desirable due to their high line speed (which saves you time and money) and their ability to reduce back injuries that are common in working with manual winches and/or ratchets.

Warning! Our Winches Are Not for Everyone. We design our winches for heavy-duty applications in the marine, mining and other demanding industries. Winch capacities range from 20-90 tons. So if you are looking for a portable AC winch for your boat, truck or other light-duty uses we can't help you. But if you are looking for heavy-duty electric winches you are in the right place.

Our Full Line of Electric Winches

Patterson understands that there are many different applications that call for electirc winches. That is why we design and build many different models of electric winches. Browse through our full line of electric winches below and contact us for more information or to speak with a Patterson representative who can help you determine which model is right for your company.

Standard Towboat Winch
  • Eliminates dragging of wire or slowness of payout, which can cause back injuries.
  • Speeds up the payout speed by 100% from 20 to 40 ft per minute, reducing injuries.
  • High speed payout at 100 ft per minute.
  • Galvanized. Synthetic wire capable. Totally enclosed gearing.
  • Great Total Cost of Ownership.
Low-Profile Electric Winch
  • Useful in situations with a winch height limit.
  • Avoids damage to both the wire and the winch from low wire movement.
  • Low-profile design eliminates the risk of hitting the winch with wires.
  • Less parts. No chains. Very easy to work on and maintain.
Upright Winch
  • Compact design fits into limited spaces.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding cutting out superstructures and/or doing "hot work".
  • Low maintenance design with less parts and no chains. Very easy to work on and maintain.
Barge Haul Winch
  • Much safer way of loading/unloading than cranes, which can be very dangerous.
  • Avoid expensive options like boat positioning, which can tie up a lot of resources.
  • Positions barges safely and econonmically while avoiding possible injuries or lawsuits.
Conveyor Winch
  • Traditionally used as an alternative for conveyor maintenance.
  • Safely lifts heavy counterweights to take tension off of belts.
  • A high line pull, low speed, heavy-duty winch.
  • A low-cost winch for the amount of ruggedness.
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About Patterson Manufacturing

The Patterson Company provides a full product line for an array of industries - from winches to ratchet turnbuckles to tensors and beyond - that are designed to make our customers' jobs safer, easier, faster. Every day, Patterson seeks out new ways to improve its products through innovative teamwork with our staff, our customers, our partners and the many esteemed professionals and experts throughout every market sector we touch. No other company can deliver on the promise of safer, easier, faster like Patterson. Those promises, plus the services we deliver, are our difference.

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