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Patterson Manufacturing delivers durable, thoroughly-tested products with a high ROI that are safer, easier, and faster for industrial market leaders who perform heavy-duty towing and lifting operations. 



Through our commitment to end-user safety, precision in production, and innovation practices, we make products that make a difference to our customers. Our emphasis on safety and our line’s proven durability makes us unique. Our genuine willingness to collaborate and get the job done well makes us both a lasting partner for market leaders and a tight-knit team of engineers, strategists, machinists, and support specialists. We believe growing our customers’ businesses with honest hard work helps us to grow as individuals and as an organization.



Patterson Manufacturing began operations in 1858 on the banks of Pittsburgh's Monongahela River. Known largely today for its towboat and barge winches, Patterson's driving principles in product development include safety, reduction of maintenance requirements, and flexibility to meet customer's individual needs. Through innovation, thorough product testing, exceptional service, and a steadfast focus on operator safety and efficiency, Patterson has grown its winch line from just a few sizes (in the 1950s) to winches ranging in capacity from 20 to 90 tons, in three operating formats: manual, electrical, and hydraulic. In addition to winches, Patterson also makes davit cranes, capstans, ratchet turnbuckles, tensors, roller chocks and buttons for marine, mining, and construction industries as well as their newest innovation, the EZ Torq System. Patterson’s success can be measured by its proven product line and growing list of patents, as well as a deep roster of long-standing customers who can attribute Patterson with helping to improve their bottom line. 

In 2017 Patterson was purchased by Sweden-based Lidan-Sepson, a military winch manufacturer and builder of offshore winches for the oil and gas industries. The Pittsburgh headquarters retained operational management of its division and appointed its current president Taylor Grapes who is third-generation family leadership for the company. 

Patterson Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 SRI Certified business and proud member of the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators.

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