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More Safety. Less Manpower. Known for our durable, high-quality equipment and marine safety expertise, we can tailor a system for your specific application including special allowances for details like water level changes, water current speeds, influential environmental conditions, the amount of space available for loading and unloading equipment, and the size of your operation. Winch capacity and variable rope speed are also specified depending on the application, size of the barge, and weight of the material. With the right system in place, this is the fastest and safest way to handle and offload a barge. Ready to get a quote? Let us know what you need.


How does it work? 

A minimum of two winches working against each other and in tandem, often controlled using variable frequency drives utilizing torque feedback, rotary switches, or other sensors, work together using steel or synthetic rope to move barges in position with high accuracy, and minimal manual input from the operator. This allows for smooth operation with less manpower and more control. 

Using a breasting winch to prevent the barge from drifting away from the dock ensures the vessel stays tight to the shore loading facility. This winch can be operated manually, or by using VFDs as a constant tension operation, depending upon the application and the customer's preferences. 

To streamline the system and achieve maximum control over the barges, programmable control systems are employed to electronically co-ordinate winch operation. System interfaces can be mounted locally at a winch, in a control station or crow's nest, or done remotely via radio frequency. 

What are the benefits of a Patterson Barge Haul System?

Reduced costs through decreased maintenance and elimination of additional manpower requirements


Streamlined operations 

More operator control

Increased dockside safety

Elimination of freewheeling 

Prevention of loss of payout control

No more shock loading of equipment

What are the components of a Patterson Barge Haul System? 

Our systems are designed to the specifications of each customer's goals and situations. The core product of most systems is our 90-ton winch paired with breasting winches from our low profile winch line

Other support and accessory equipment depends on each site's requirements and range from manual winches to ratchets. Components and customizations can include winch capacity, variable rope speed, programmable electric controls, continuous diameter steel cable, master links with a hitch rope, and continuous barge-breasting cable.


Explore potential system components listed below: 







Ask us about a custom system to perfectly suit your unique needs.

90-ton industrial winch.


The Patterson
90-Ton Winch Features:

Spring-set brake, electrically released


Thermostatically protected motor


Mechanical locking dog for emergency use


Rope guard protects wire rope from gearing


Gear shroud covers and protects gearing


Hardened gearing for increased durability


Heavy-duty high-strength phosphor-bronze bearings


Saltwater corrosion protection available.​

Barge Haul System Components
90-Ton Winch Features
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