Robust, Reliable, Innovative. These are ideals we follow when it comes to design, and we’ve applied them all to the Patterson Right Angle Capstan. We’ve evaluated the common issues with capstans: gearbox failures, oil leaks, moisture problems, and more, and asked ourselves how we can do it better. By utilizing an oversized gearbox, secondary external bearings, and water tight components, we’ve created a capstan that requires minimal maintenance and is designed for maximum longevity. This means less downtime, and more savings over the life of the product.

Key Features:

External Spherical Roller Bearing 

Triple-Lip Contact Seals

Reinforced Washout Ready Housing

IP66 Rated Motor

Performance Data

 Model*  (RAC)

5.4 10-35

5.4 12-42

7.5 10-35

7.5 12-42

10 10-35

10 12-42


5.4 hp

5.4 hp

7.5 hp

7.5 hp

10 hp

10 hp

Head Diameter







Starting Pull  

14,500 lbs

12,226 lbs

17,282 lbs

14,623 lbs

19,611 lbs

16,594 lbs

Running Pull

4,982 lbs

4,216 lbs

6,913 lbs

5,849 lbs

9,339 lbs

7,902 lbs

Running Speed

35 fpm

42 fpm

35 fpm

42 fpm

35 fpm

42 fpm

* Definition: Right Angle Capstan 5.4 Horsepower – 10” Diameter Head – 35 Feet Per Minute

Key Features






External Spherical Roller Bearing

Working the rivers is hard, and can be hard on your gear. The last thing you need is unnecessary downtime due to equipment failures. When we were designing the new Patterson Right Angle Capstan, we kept this in mind. With the addition of an external spherical roller bearing, independent from the gearbox, we’ve taken robust design to the next level to insure that your capstan is up and running for years to come, with little to no maintenance. This keeps your product leak free and hassle free, and lets you focus on what you do best, getting the job done.

Triple-Lip Contact Seals

Dealing with moisture is a fact of life for all deck equipment, so keeping water out of where it doesn’t belong is extremely important. With triple-lip contact seals, our bearings keep water where it belongs, in the river.

Reinforced Washout Ready Housing

Patterson’s Right Angle Capstan features a reinforced housing that provides rigidity and protects critical components. In addition, the gearbox is suspended in the housing, which keeps it high and dry, and allows you to easily washout any debris.

IP66 Rated Motor 

 Just like our winches, Patterson’s right angle capstan features motors with IP66 ratings. This means that all electrical components are water tight. So go ahead and break out the pressure washer to keep your equipment sparkling, we don’t mind one bit.



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