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With Patterson Custom Powered Winches you won't have to compromise your specifications or use an inefficient work-around.  Our team can meet your operations' unique needs with reliable equipment that is easy to maintain.

Custom Specifications Include:

Line capacity, line size, and line pull


Modifications to work in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold)


1/2- to 100-Ton capacities


Set ups for steel cable or synthetic line


Optional features like continuous speed, variable speed, constant tension, wireless operation, and encoder feedback 


The possibilities are truly infinite. Find out how we can make your job safer, easier, and faster.

Custom Cold Weather Winch

These winches were designed to lift large conveyor belt counterweights in extremely cold environments. Using special alloy steels, temperature monitoring, and infrared heaters, our engineering team was able to meet the customers needs by ensuring their winches would be operational even in extreme winter environments with temperatures reaching -55 degrees.

Custom Winch Specifications:
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Stack of piping material used for manufacturing equipment.

Extreme Cold Weather Sample

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Cold Weather Custom Winch
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