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As a manufacturer, Patterson understands that there are endless needs for pulling, securing, and lifting at a production facility. We know that the equipment in your shop must be safe and reliable, and we guarantee you that’s what we provide. Whether you need to flip it, move it, or tie it down, Patterson has a solution to your problem, and will help make working in your plant – Safer, Easier, and Faster.

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Ask us about custom products to perfectly suit your unique needs.



On a daily basis, the Patterson team vets the most effective products and customizations for particular customers’ situations, while over longer periods of time our innovation team studies operations, industry standards, and changing regulations to proactively build better products for industrial market leaders.


Our results include products like the revolutionary YoYo Winch that saves 50% of time compared to ratchets, eliminates bird nesting, and removes dangerous long walk scenarios for workers; adaptive winch products that address electric motor regulations; and material upgrades to resist corrosion.

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Stack of piping material used for manufacturing equipment.
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