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The Upright Winch

Limited deck space? No problem.

The Patterson Upright Winch is perfect for limited deck-space operations. On the boat or in drydock, you can count on this winch to function just right. The compact design means you can install as many winches as you need to get the horsepower you require—and you can do it without cutting out the superstructure, which saves on costs.

Efficiency & safety: the Patterson way

The Upright Winch features a manual locking dog for emergency use and fewer
parts overall for lower maintenance. The full rope guard protects the wire rope
from fouling, and the full gear shroud protects the gearing while providing additional safety. Right-hand and left-hand models mean your ergonomics won’t suffer.

Strong? You bet.

The Upright Winch may be compact, but it’s every bit as tough as you’ve come to expect from Patterson. Available with capacities ranging from 20 to 90 tons, this winch is designed for high line speed and high line pull. Motor sizes range from 3 HP to 12.5 HP and 208V or 230/460 V 3- phase with thermostat relays. Optional galvanized models provide excellent protection from corrosion. Don’t forget to ask about our special marine duty motors.


Dimensions* approximate (in.) (lbs.)
Model Drum Diameter C M N O P Weight Net Shipping
WWP 30E-5 10 7.5 17.62 5.62 19 52.14 640 690

* All performance data and specifications set forth in the above table are guidelines. The referenced data and specifications were produced under controlled testing conditions and should be used as estimates only. Due to variability in individual operators, in weather, in towing conditions, and in various other factors, actual results may vary. In addition, for the purpose of installation, please verify all dimensions as the dimensions, specifications, data and other information contained in this brochure are subject to change at any time without notice.

Performance Data* approximate (lbs.) Drum Capacities* approximate
Model Dog Holding Capacity Brake Holding Capacity Line Pull 1st Wrap Line Speed 1st Wrap Stall Pull 1st Wrap Ult Shock Load 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ 7/8″ 1″ 1 1/8″
WWP 30E-5 60,000 46,800 10,800 16 30,300 60,000 xx 120′ 85′ 65′ xx xx