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Thru-Deck Capstan


Introducing the Patterson Thru-Deck Capstan

Designed for Longevity – Using only the best materials, and a gear box with the highest rating available in the industry, you ban be sure that the Patterson Thru-Deck Capstan will keep you up and running for years to come with little to no maintenance, minimizing your downtime, and saving you money

Thru-Deck Capstan

Performance Data

MODEL NUMBER* TDC1014W-25 TDC1014W-34 TDC1514W-25 TDC1514W-34 TDC2014W-25 TDC2014W-34 TDC2514W-25
Motor H.P. 10 10 15 15 20 20 25
Head Diameter Style 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped 14″ Whelped
Starting Pull 24,500 lbs 18,000 lbs 50,000 lbs 38,000 lbs 61,000 lbs 45,000 lbs 62,000 lbs
Running Pull 11,500 lbs 8,000 lbs 17,500 lbs 13,000 lbs 23,000 lbs 17,000 lbs 21,000 lbs
Running Speed 25 F.P.M. 34 F.P.M. 25 F.P.M. 34 F.P.M. 25 F.P.M. 34 F.P.M. 34 F.P.M.
Bollard Pull 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 100,000 lbs

* Definition: Through Deck Capstan 10 H.P. – 14” Diameter Whelped Head – 25 Feet Per Minute


    • Full Length Barrel Whelps – The elimination of the traditional but unnecessary double whelped barrel also eliminates the sharp ridge separating the two. This makes your operations safer and extends the life of your cordage by eliminating this dangerous cut point. At Patterson, we realize that just because something always has been, doesn’t mean it always should be.
    • Keeping Height in Mind – When designing the capstan head on our Thru-Deck Capstan, we realized that bigger is not always better. We found that this goes double when trying to add or remove wraps to the barrel. With a more compact height, Patterson designed a capstan head with plenty of space to meet the wrap requirements of modern cordage, while making a product that is safer and easier to work with for deck hands of all sizes
    • Triple-Sealed Slewing Bearing Design – Using a slewing bearing instead of a traditional shaft and bushing combination allowed us to achieve a more rigid construction, and thus a smoother and more consistent operation. Adding triple positive pressure seals to that bearing design helps keep the water under your boat, and not in it.
  • Tapered Base – Square edges and round rope just don’t mix. When designing the head on our capstan, we realized that a base with a square profile has multiple disadvantages. First, the rope does not naturally feed onto the head, and must be manually raised onto the barrel. Often times this is done with the deckhands boot, putting them in a dangerous situation. Second, with the tapered design the rope cannot build tension around the large diameter of the base and then snap onto the drum. This eliminates dangerous shock loading of the product and your rigging, making your operation safer, and extending the life of your equipment.
  • 21st Century Pegs – Capstan pegs have been made of wood for centuries, but times have changed. It’s no longer necessary to rely on materials that can deteriorate and fail over time. Patterson chose to manufacture all pegs from 304 stainless steel. With a threaded shank and flats for installing or removing easily with a wrench, you no longer have to haphazardly pound pegs in with a hammer, and hope that they stay put. This allows you to dog your rope off with confidence, and is just one more way we are making the work place safer.