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The BC-40 Winch

The BC-40 Winch: Speed Guaranteed

No more ratchets

When you’re ready to upgrade and say good-bye to ratchet problems—but you still use wire rope—the BC-40 is the winch you need. Economical and easy to use, this winch is the first step toward modernizing your rigging. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to improve your operations.

Fast on the take-up

The BC-40 has long been a favorite among barge operators for its unrivaled speed. A spinner knob on the compact hand wheel allows fast take-up, and the heavy-duty throw-out handle makes quick load release easy and safe. The BC-40’s design lets you make up or break up a tow in half the time of conventional rigging using ratchets, chains, and wires. That saves you time (and money).

Built tough

Patterson knows conditions are rough out there. That’s why we designed the BC-40 with a hot-dipped galvanized corrosion package. The patented double- dog design allows for higher line tension, and stud mounting allows for 360° operation. And the patented open-bottom design makes for easy clean out.

Drum Capacities for:
3/4″ 95′
7/8″ 85′
1″ 70′
Overall Width 19 3/8″
Overall Height 23 3/4″
Overall Length 23 5/16″
Weight – Net 442 lbs.
Weight – Shipping 490 lbs.
Model Number


Ultimate Capacity 80,000 lbs.
Typical Line Tension* 10,000 lbs.

The BC-40 Winch

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