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Patterson Panels and Controls


Patterson offers a full line of standard control panels and remote control push button stations for all electric winches and capstans. Our standard panels include thermal overloads, motor overheat protection circuits, and current sensing relays. These features help to insure that your motor is completely protected, and will maximize its life, and the life of your winch. All components have been sized specifically for our winches, their duty cycle, and the specific needs of the marine winch application.

All panels and push button stations, unless otherwise requested, come standard in NEMA 4 watertight housings, which are recommended for all marine applications.

Patterson can also provide custom controls to meet your needs. From variable frequency drives, remote push button stations, pilot house control stations, and more, Patterson will work with you to meet your individual requirements.

Part # Model
 B130116  CONTROL PANEL 3HP 208/230V 60HZ CS
 B130117  CONTROL PANEL 5HP 208/230V 60HZ CS
 B130118  CONTROL PANEL 7.5HP 208/230V 60HZ CS
 B130119  CONTROL PANEL 10HP 208/230V 60HZ CS
 B130120  CONTROL PANEL 12.5HP 208/230V 60HZ CS
 B130121  CONTROL PANEL 3HP 460V 60HZ CS
 B130122  CONTROL PANEL 5HP 460V 60HZ CS
 B130123  CONTROL PANEL 7.5HP 460V 60HZ CS
 B130124  CONTROL PANEL 10HP 460V 60HZ CS
 B130125  CONTROL PANEL 12.5HP 460V 60HZ CS