The Patterson Difference

The Patterson Company provides a full product line for an array of industries – from winches to ratchet turnbuckles to tensors and beyond – that are designed to make our customers’ jobs safer, easier, faster. Every day, Patterson seeks out new ways to improve its products through innovative teamwork with our staff, our customers, our partners and the many esteemed professionals and experts throughout every market sector we touch. No other company can deliver on the promise of safer, easier, faster like Patterson. Those promises, plus the services we deliver, are our difference.

As Seen On TV Show “World’s Greatest”


The YoYo Winch

Back in the day, the ratchet was the only choice for making barge connections. Then came the winch. Now, there’s a whole new technology, designed to make your connections safer, faster, easier—the patented Patterson YoYo Winch.


The 40′ YoYo Winch

Patterson Manufacturing, the leader in barge rigging for more than 150 years, recently introduced yet another innovation—a version of the revolutionary YoYo® Barge Winch with 40′ of takeup.


The Electric Winch

Patterson’s electric winches, available in capacities from 20 to 90 tons, are designed for easy operation and rock-solid durability. The heavy-duty roller chain, sprockets, and roller bearings are exceptionally strong, and the phosphor bronze bearings can take whatever you can dish out.


The Low-Profile Electric Winch

Sometimes there just isn’t room for a full-height winch. If you’re in a low winch- height situation, the Patterson Low-Profile Electric Winch can help.


The BC-40 Winch

When you’re ready to upgrade and say good-bye to ratchet problems—but you still use wire rope—the BC-40 is the winch you need. Economical and easy to use, this winch is the first step toward modernizing your rigging.